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All dental treatment: dental care and hygiene, implants, surgery, dentures, medical hypnosis

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Our practice is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment with the best technology and offers all the care and treatment you need in terms of dental hygiene and dental medicine.

We treat you in the optimum conditions as regards comfort and safety.

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Cosmetic preservative procedures, dentures, implants, surgery

We perform all required treatment within the practice:  

Cosmetic procedures to recreate a natural look

Root canal treatment

Dental hygiene care

Fixed dental prostheses: crowns and bridges

Removable dentures 


Bone augmentation

Prosthetic work is carried out jointly with dental technicians located close to the practice. No work is outsourced abroad. 

Medical hypnosis for dental care

We use medical hypnosis so that patients who struggle with dental care are put at their ease, and to replace anaesthetic injections for patients who are afraid of injections or cannot tolerate the sensation caused by anaesthesia.

More information on the use of dental hypnosis in medicine

Medical hypnosis for chronic pain 

This consultation is independent of the dentistry performed at the practice. It is aimed at individuals who do not derive any pain relief from treatment with drugs. When pain develops over time and all the routes of treatment with drugs, surgery or other treatments have been explored without success, then it is possible to use hypnosis. The aim is to improve quality of life by reducing the intensity of the pain to tolerable levels. 

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Friday: 8.00 to 12.00


Dr. Pierre-Georges Hacpille

rue de l'Athénée 26

1206 Geneva